What;s more, she offered as a reward for their return the possibility of starring in her next video. The tour, entitled "The Monster Ball", kicks off in Montreal on the 27th November and will travel throughout Canada and America ending in her home city of New York towards the end of January of next year. The wacky star was on tour as the support act for American, all-girl group "The Pussy Cat Dolls" when she found that her favourite vintage Versace sunglasses had been stolen.

Early this year Lady Gaga was left distraught when a pair of her favourite Versace designer sunglasses were stolen whilst she was on tour in Germany. Also appearing on tour with her is Kid Cudi. In total she will perform 22 dates in 18 different venues. With Lady Gaga;s style and energy it;s guaranteed to be quite a show with an array of wacky outfits and maybe there;ll even be an appearance from her new Versace sunglasses!. Later in the month, a male fan in Paris approached Lady Gaga with a substitute pair of the designer sunglasses.

She commented that the tour had gone well but "the only downer was that my Versaces were stolen". At first Lady Gaga offered to sign them for him but it unfurled that the fan was giving the designer sunglasses to the star as replacements for the ones that were stolen.

The star had been seen several times wearing the Biggie Smalls Versace sunglasses and was clearly upset by the theft. When Lady Gaga realised that this was the fan;s intentions she took his details in order to discuss the possibility of him appearing in her next music video. Lady Gaga will next Wholesale Optical Frame Manufacturers be touring in North America.